Thursday, July 13, 2006

M13, IC galaxy & six moons of Saturn viewed

Congratulations to Ray Gralak, who, with his 17" dob, sighted the elusive IC galaxy close by M13. This was at Fremont Peak Sunday morning 07/14. I was at first sceptical, since my previous view in much darker skies was only very fleeting. But, after I observed it, the sighting was confirmed by other observers, then repeated afterward on a 20" Obsession f/5.

Next, while viewing Saturn, six moons were viewed (through the 20" scope). Since I am not familiar with the two "extra" moons magnitudes, can anyone else on s.a.a. attest to a similar experience (with an amateur size scope)?

Lots of other great views at Fremont Peak last night. Far to many to list from memory.

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