Sunday, January 18, 2004

Sunday/Monday night

I was out last night. Up on a mountain top, where the fog came to within fifty to one hundred feet below me. City light were gone. Not just dimmed - - gone. Some dew, yes, but not bad. The sky was very dark.

Some highlights (there were many) -

NGC 1977the Running Man - easily identified three individual NGC reflection nebulae in the object.
M42wings extended around in a complete circle using UHC filter. Dim nebula NGC 1980 visible.
Rosette Nebulaeasy - jumping out obvious.
Abell 1367 in Leocounted 20+ galaxies in 48' field.
NGC 4565dark lane bisecting this edge on was sharp and very obvious. NGC 4562 was easy just to its SW. Some of the dim IC galaxies to its north were just peeking in.

When I woke in the morning, the fog was just sitting below me, covering everything. Mountain tops were little islands poking above the "ocean"... Light fog began blowing by me from the north, and facing away from the sun a light "arc" in a parabola shone - a white and hints of electric blue rainbow. Surreal scene.

I had a great time. I hope others got out too.

Scope18" class Dobsonian.
Seeingsteady but not rock solid
Transparencyvery good to excellent
Limiting magestimated at mag 6.6.
LightNo light domes.
Tempwas comfortable