Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Saturn and the Moon close together.

I had my 14.5" Dob looking at Saturn when my daughter Mimi came home with her friend Andrea. They came out back and Andrea looked first. She liked the view of the moon, and I asked her what she saw. "The moon" she said. I told her there was more, not mentioning what the "more" was. She looked again, and excitedly said "I see it! I see it!" Andrea didn't say what "it" was... so Mimi could try to find "it" herself. At first Mimi didn't see it... just the moon. Then it suddenly popped out, across the field of view from the moon. She was very pleased.

Just then my 17 year old son Daniel came home and seeing us outside joined us. He looked and saw Saturn and thought too it was a very cool sight! Kept looking and talking. I had to ask him to get off the ladder so I could have another look. Daniel was still there talking. Then I realized that while he thought the view through the scope was pretty cool, Mimi's friend was even more effective at holding his attention!

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