Saturday, November 4, 2000

NGC 7789 in Cassiopeia

It was fun, even with the fog and chill. I did a count and we had at least 18 telescopes set up in the lot. A very good turnout.

When the final wave of fog overcame the lot, and only a few of us remained (and ended up sleeping there in our vehicles), I looked up to see Jupiter's last rays dim out under the fog. We were done for the night. I looked up again at the sky, although not black, it was quite dark. I couldn't help but think of a universe with no stars. Heat death. Even the lack of stars gives us something to think about.

I can't wait for 3rd Q!

Here's my list from last Saturday:

  • M52
  • Czernik 43
  • Stock 12
  • King 12
  • NGC 7788 & NGC 7790
  • NGC 7789
  • King 14
  • NGC 143
  • NGC 133

The moon and planets were spectacular at times. Ken had so many barlows on his 18" Dob it was unbelievable. We were observing Jupiter and Saturn at over 700X. Saturn was showing detail in my scope at over 1100x. But obviously, the best views were at closer to 400x.

A short but pleasant night...

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